The Gym isn’t all that.

For years the Local gym has provided us the equipment needed to find that dream body. People spend hours on end just to look good in the mirror but for half of us this never becomes a reality.


Well, of course the gym does helps but what makes your goal achievable is you’re diet. A number of people think the gym means they can eat what they like and still get results, wrong. The diet will put you 70% of the way there, if you can eat good nutritional food you’ll soon start to see the difference. If you’re just looking to shave a few pounds the gym doesn’t even have to come into the picture,  light exercise is all you need.

Diet plan

You’ll be happy to hear a diet plan isn’t needed at all. Just follow one basic rule, if it didn’t exist 5000 years ago don’t eat it. You’ll need to revert back to how your caveman ancestors lived. Meat and two veg is the way forward.


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