Who Needs Designer?

Designer fashion is bigger than ever for women and men. You save for months even years for that designer item. You finally purchase that fashion item you’ve been longing, but for what?

The majority of people have no idea it’s designer so is it really worth the dosh?

No? Yes?

High street fashion can be fractions of the price and can still make you look the part. Better still, you can go home with more than one outfit and still afford to eat after.

Does designer fashion last longer?

Not always. Designer fashion is often made with materials which have a million rules to follow before you can wash it. High street fashion is affordable enough to be replaced so who cares if the odd thing shrinks.

Let me know your thoughts…





2 thoughts on “Who Needs Designer?

  1. Hi! I found your perspective interesting. I feel like there is more to fashion than just the face value of the item in terms of how it makes an individual feel about themselves, but its true that designer clothing is extremely high priced. Can’t wait to read more and I hope you can check out my blog as well!


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