These Days Actually Exist!

We are coming into July and it’s only right that everyone knows what international days to expect. Here is a list of some of the most random international days that have been created.

1st July – International Joke Day

Make sure you don’t forget to crack your best jokes and make people laugh.

4th July – Fry Your Egg On The Sidewalk Day

It’s July and for most we can expect lovely Sunny days with blazing hot sidewalks, so let’s get frying.

7th July – International Chocolate Day

It’s the day you can eat as much chocolate as you please wth out feeling guilty. Make sure you don’t waste the day.

10th July – Teddy Bear Picnic Day

Go and get your favourite teddys and take them down to the park, it’s there favourite time of the year. Don’t let them down.

14th July – National Nude Day

Are you getting hot and bothered in this hot and sticky weather? Well why not take it all off.

15th July – Cow Appreciation Day

Don’t forget about them cows, go give them a cuddle.

21st July – National Junk Food Day

Basically, eat what you like you’ve got the excuse now.

26th July – All or Nothing Day

It’s time to go all out or just do nothing, you decide.

July 29th – National Lesagna Day

Get them pots and pans out, it’s time to start cooking. Give it your best shot.

31st July – National Mutt Day

For all those pure breeds step down and let the mutt take the spot light. It’s their day.

Don’t forgot about the more import days of July though. Click here to have a read.


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