Train Like A Pro

Gym sessions should be built around rest and recovery.


Warm up

This is a huge importance before starting a workout and most people know this but little do it. Getting blood flow will increase strength, flexibility and effectiveness.

High intensity sprint

Cardio is seen as a muscle destroyer and many will just avoid it because they fear they will lose all there hard work. This isn’t true for interval sprinting, this fires up a lot of muscles and can burn through fat storages.


This should be every trainers main focus, eating and sleeping is the biggest part of achieving those training goals. All the effort put into a training session can be wasted in hours if the body doesn’t recover in the best way possible. It’s time to start eating that healthy Snack.

Be smart

Training for days on end isn’t necessarily going to help hit those goals, its probably more likely to crush them. Training sessions should be to the point and no longer than 1 hour, after that it starts to do more damage.

These little tips should help make those goals achievable.




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